AppDo creates applications of any kind. iPhone, Android and web applications are our specializations.


Android is the most used smartphone operating system in the world. At AppDo we put great emphasis on using the latest and greatest new technology, while still ensuring that the application is user friendly. We can help design your Android app to make it as beatiful and usable as possible.


The iPhone is not to forget. There is more iPhone devices than Android devices in Denmark, so to reach as many people as possible, having both an iPhone and an Android application is a good idea.


Sometimes, the applications have to communicate with the internet. Or maybe a standalone web application is needed. We can make both.


MRT is the first project done by AppDo. MRT is an iPhone and an Android app with a common backend. The apps are used as an educational tool to be used along the courses given by Center for Mental Robusthed. The backend allows Center for Mental Robusthed to control the content of the apps through a web panel.


DcH is Danmarks civilie Hundeførerforening. In order to help trainers train their dog, DcH wanted an Android application which trainers could use to browse different workouts, and see how they should be executed.

DTU Food

DTU wanted to create a platform where they could put out info on nutrition, but also where their users could get inspiration from each other by sharing images to eachother. The product was an iPhone and an Android application targeted school children and their parents.


AppDo IVS was founded in 2015 by Jonas Pedersen and Kristian Jagd after finishing their Bachelor of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark.


My name is Jonas Pedersen. I created AppDo, because i care about software products.

Too many times, it has happened, that I have used an application, and it simply wouldn't work, or you simply didn't have a clue how to use it, because it had such a clumsy design. I really want to make a difference in that field.


I have worked with mobile applications since high school, where I spent my math lessons writing small games and utilities for Android. Since then I have created a quite a few applications (some can be found here) with almost 500.000 combined installs!


The best way to reach us is by mail.